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Liberty Dining Car Company - Clarence and Buffalo, New York

The Liberty Dining Car Company was started by Charles Ward, a few months after he left the Ward & Dickinson Dining Car Company. He teamed up with _____ and had the offices in Buffalo, New York. The factory building was located in Clarence, New York, which is roughly 20 miles east of Buffalo. Other members of Liberty were:


Charles Ward came to Silver Creek, New York from Colorado in 1921. Ward had bought a hotel in Silver Creek. Silver Creek had a diner manufacturer, Earle Richardson, who started building his own lunch cars around 1921 after running one in Silver Creek for a number of years. Somehow, but 1924, Charles Ward teamed up with the mayor of Silver Creek, Lee Dickinson, who was well off from shrewd financial decisions to start building their own lunch cars. But to build lunch cars, you need a competent builder, and they found one in local contractor Berthel Kofoed.
The company became known as the Ward & Dickinson Dining Car Company. Business was brisk from the beginning. They sold roughly 100 lunch cars in the first two years, easily outperforming Richardson's concern. But something happened by 1927 that led to a rift. That rift will probably remain unknown to history. But Charles Ward sold his shares in Ward & Dickinson to Lee Dickinson and left the company. The local newspaper reported that Ward was sick, and he was going to Detroit to enter a hospital for treatment. All is known is that a few months later, in 1928, Charles Ward was President of the Liberty Dining Car Company.