Great Lakes Dining Car History

Lunch wagons and diners were built in the Great Lakes region from roughly 1913 to 1950. Though not as saturating as the east coast manufacturers, practically any town or village with over a thousand people had a lunch wagon at one time. Places like Syracuse, rochester, Buffalo and Cleveland had dozens of wagons and diners over the years.

This page is split up into five sections. First we have the Main Players. The most significant builders to the area are followed by the Secondary builders. Those companies that were not as wide reaching with their product. Next we have Ohio builders. Diner builders of various importance who were based in Ohio. This is followed by the Lake Ontario builders who came around a little later and were building a slightly different type of diner. The final section is for Links. Here you will find various links to other information.

Main Players

Secondary builders

Ohio builders

Lake Ontario builders


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